About the Centre
 EngLoThe Centre for Social Services Engineering is dedicated to applying engineering theories and techniques to analyze, design, plan and deliver social services to people in need.

Engineering Solutions for Social Services
In the last 30 years, Industrial and Systems Engineering has  broadened its scope to healthcare, banking, retail and other
public sectors --  with one glaring omission: Social Services.
Almost 10% of Canadians live below the poverty line, using a myriad of  social services to meet their day-to-day needs. Balancing supply with demand in both short and long term is an ongoing challenge.
Open government data initiatives are beginning to make it possible to provide real-time information on potential demand. The issue is how to provide the right services to the right people at the right time.
The time has come to explore how engineering theories and techniques can  be applied for more effective and efficient planning and delivery of social services to its growing population of users.

Our Research Infrastructure
The Centre's interdisciplinary research builds on the  strengths of the Faculties and Schools at the University of Toronto. These include Industrial and Systems Engineering, Operations Research, the Department of Psychiatry and the School of Social Work.

We are working closely with industry and government to develop innovative solutions that address the health and welfare issues facing our most vulnerable populations.

Led by Dr. Mark Fox , Distinguished Professor of Urban Systems Engineering, the Centre is the first of its kind to broaden the scope of engineering research to the social services sector.
A Commitment to Do the Right Thing
Smart cities are not very smart if they ignore or disenfanchise any portion of their citizens. By collaborating and leveraging technology, our mission is to break new ground to address this long ignored sector and do the right thing.
Smart cities are not very smart if they ignore any portion of their citizens. The Centre for Social Services Engineering is breaking nrew ground to address the needs of its most vulnerable populations.