Ve'ahavta Street Academy: Process Map

Project Team

Mark S. Fox
Vetian Wang



Screening Map: Version 1
Completed and Delivered

The Problem

The Ve’ahavta Street Academy (VSA), creates innovative adult education programs designed for vulnerable at-risk individuals who are homeless or marginally housed. Many of the VSA's participants also have mental health and/or substance abuse issues. Located at George Brown College in Toronto, the Academy's mandate is to provide participants with the practical tools and support they need to establish and pursue goals that lead to productive and healthy lifestyles.

The challenge for the VSA is to standardize its programs so they can be reproduced and repeatedly taught across Canada, maintaining the highest level of consistency and quality.

Our goal is to standardize VSA's three-month program  designed to help homeless participants transition from a state of homelessness to stable employment. 


We have developed a process map, outlining how the program is delivered. This map will used as the basis for analysis, training and delivery.

Expected Outcomes

We expect to develop a process to ensure that the three-month program can be reproduced and delivered effectively in other municipalities throughout Canada.

Project Participants
  • Centre for Social Services Engineering
  • Ve'Ahavta & Ve'ahavta Street Academy